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Jimmy Redenius
Born in California
32 years
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Vicki Martinazzi

I will never forget the time when Jimmy was at our house in Brooktrails. He came over, when he lived in Brooktrails. He made me laugh like no one has ever done. He made me laugh so hard that my checks hurt.. He could tell the funniest jokes and keep a staight face and I would laugh so hard that tears would be coming out. I miss you so much Jimmy.. You are and will be an angel to so many people. I know when it is my turn to leave that you will be there to guide me. We miss you so much Jimmy. My whole family misses you so much. No one rides a motorcycle like you! When you pulled up next to me in my camero and you jumped up onto your seat of your motorcycle and let go. You scared me so much and all you could do was laugh at me. Jimmy, I miss ou and thank you for the wonderful times you gave us..


Vicki (miner) Martinazzi. 


/ Yuba City
Mel, cuz
When we were kids Jimmy used to tell the dirtiest jokes, so dirty. But he pulled it off with that little smile of his, lol. Aunt Mone's is a big memory to! We all spent alot of time together there. We used to go to the creek together to, it was so fun. One time we came back with leaches all over us, it sucked. But he just laughed as I got sprayed off by a turbo hose, lol. I miss you ! Giv Grandma a kiss for me k! I know she is smiling cuz your there! I would to! luv u cuz so much!

I think of how Jim and Jamie would tease each other the two of them could go on for hours tit for tat. Jim would always say "Jamie you are a lazy, lazy housewife". Jamie always had a come back. We would all sit and crack up at the two of them.

We always knew when Jim was was on his way over to our neck of the woods 'cause the stereo would be booming in his car or he would come down the street on the back or front wheel of his street bike.

I love you Jim and miss you more with each passing day.


Shelley Lewis
 Hey my Jimmy , It's almost your bithday and I am thinking about when you would come over and say it's my birthday what are you gonna get me and I would tell you the samething you got me nothing. Ha Ha. Well you don't know how much you were here and I would by you the world if that is what you wanted!! I miss you so much!! Their are days when I think I hear you out in the driveway talking to Danny. You don't know how much I wish that it was true. I Love you Big Guy. God Bless and I am wishing you a Happy Heavenly Birthday.
Shelley Lewis
 This is how I feel my heart is broken. I sit and think about Jimmy coming over to my house leaning up against my fence telling stories and getting such a kick out of what he was saying he'd laugh so hard. I can see him peeking through the front room window like he always did to see if we were home or the back door would open and he'd poke his head in and say where's Dan. He was such a strong person with a kind heart. He didn't show this to everyone but the people that really knew him knew that about him. If we ever need him for anything he'd be their in a heart beat. God how I wish I could change all of this we need him back!!! I love and miss you so much BIG GUY.
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