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Jimmy Redenius
Born in California
32 years
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Family Tree
Nicky Happy Easter April 11, 2009
The Prince & Shirley Luv Laura & AV April 8, 2009

Bette Timmy's Mom Happy Easter April 8, 2009
Teresa Mom to Angel Justin Lindley April 8, 2009

Easter blessings and prayers to you and your family Jimmy!



Barb/Nicky's MOM Special Son March 22, 2009
Dear Jimmy  You are a special son to your mom,she misses having you around for all the obvious reasons as I look at your site,Just look at that huge grin on your face like you knew something we didn't.Your boyish impish nature that time couldn't take from you.Let these pleasant things smother her and keep a close spot in her heart.Forever missed and loved.Love Always
Gerrick's mom, Diane Heartfelt thanks March 21, 2009

Hi ya Big Jim, Love, hugs thoughts and prayers, to you and your mom and family always. Just wanted to ask you to thank your mom for me for making One More Day.  Brings much love and joy to my heart whenever I watch and listen to it, especially in light of when she made it.  See Jim, she made it in February, which was the same month that some no good inhuman murderers took my boy from me, so it has special meaning for me. Thank you for letting her know this Angel. So, I close  with this, and I quote your kind mom, Shine On Jim! You will always be her star. Love from another mom who idolizes & adores her son,

Gerrick's mom

Gerrick's mom, Diane Big Jim lover March 16, 2009

Hi Jimmy,


You are in my heart and so is your thoughtful mom. Many hugs and much love to you Jimmy and to your mom and family too.


Love to you Angel,

Gerrick's mom, Diane

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